My name is Denise and I was diagnosed with a tumour in the left breast. I was recommended by a friend to go for ozone therapy while I was awaiting treatment. My breast was very sensitive, swollen and bruised after the examinations and this was completely resolved two weeks into the ozone treatment. My energy levels have improved significantly after starting ozone treatment and I feel that without it I cannot cope with my daily routine tasks. I have benefitted from Eileen’s support and this has really built me up and helped me to maintain a positive outlook. In the meantime I have started chemotherapy and this has caused some body aches which are relieved after having the ozone steam sauna.”

Ester had previously had cancerous growths removed from her breast and came for ozone therapy to see what effect it would have on a new lump found in her breast. Pain and sensitivity associated with the lump was reduced during treatment and she reported feeling energized, sleeping well and having a general feeling of wellbeing.